Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

3 Hours, Sunday 26th August 2018

Yoga Lane Studios, Waiuku, Rural South Auckland

Lovely mums to be and the amazing people that work closely to support ladies during their pregnancy, this is the workshop for you. You don't have to be a fully fledged yogi for this one, beginners welcome. I'm going to be explaing how to adapt yoga practice throughout pregnancy and during post natal recovery. Along side physcial aspects of yoga, I will also be exploring resting poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques, which are great for relaxation and as a tool to help manage anxiety. I will be providing lots of practical hints and tips to builder greater body awareness and enhance early bonding. No, it's not 3 hours of full on yoga, there will be refreshments, time to mingle, discuss and learn. Please book your place ASAP. You can contact me to book or book via "[email protected]"