IAIM Baby Massage

5 Week International Association of Infant Massage Course

What are the benefits of infant massage?

The techniques used are based on yoga movements, Swedish massage, Indian massage and reflexology. Infant massage enhances:


Bonding, communication, undivided attention, respect, love, nurturing touch, empathy


All vital systems e.g. circulation, digestion, immune, nervous, as well as language development, sensory integration, mind/body awareness


Improved sleep, increased flexibility, reduction of stress levels and stress hormones


Colic, constipation, excess mucus, teething, discomfort, tension, growing pains

What will be provided?

  • Handouts and massage oil for use in class
  • Refreshments

What age group is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for parents with babies age 0-1 year. However to get the most out of the course, I recommend attending before your baby starts to crawl.

How long will a class take?

  • 1 to 1 ½ hours
  • 1 class per week

Course Fee

$75 Goup Session

$250 Private Sessions

PA Coffee Groups

(Occasional Relaxabub will teach baby massage courses on behalf of organisations, such as Plunket, SPACE and the Parenting Centre)

Pregnancy Yoga

Evening block courses regularly run at Yoga Lane Studios in Waiuku. POA. Booking essential.

Please note: The Tuesday morning Hatha Yoga Class at Yoga Lane is suitable for pregnant ladies (12wks and onward).

  • Relaxation and breathing exercises to assist with the
  • emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy.
  • Building stamina and strength to prepare for birth and
  • beyond.
  • Assisting to manage the aches and pains of pregnancy.
  • Building an early bond, with your baby
  • The last session includes a fatigue busting Yoga Nidra practice (extended deep guided relaxation, also known as yogic sleep)
  • Yoga can be continued throughout pregnancy. 

Private class fee


Sorry only day time appointments available

Sessions must be pre-paid, non refundable if you cancel on the day of the appointment or do not show

Mums and Bubs Postnatal Yoga

5 week course

Embrace the chaos and bring bubs. Post natal yoga to aid in recovery, with an emphasis on rebuilding abdominal strength. Suitable for parents with babies from 6 weeks (8 wks post C-section) until pre-walking. If you also have a toddler or pre-school child on your hands you are welcome to bring them along. Any class changes or cancellations will be posted on the Relaxabub Facebook page.

Group Class fee

5 week course in Waiuku = $65

PA = Coffee group sessions

Hatha Yoga

1hr class on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am Yoga Lane Studios, 40 Queen Street, Waiuku (down the lane next to Unichem)

Hatha yoga classes suitable for all. Beginners are very welcome. Join in with the postures, flows, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. Pregnant ladies are welcome to join this class (12wks pregnancy onwards), please let Kathy know if you are pregnant, so that she can ensure you are provided with modified or alternative postures, as required.

Group fee

$17 casual or concession card (10 classes = $140)

Private class fee


Daytime, mid week appointments available at the Relaxabub home based studio in Waiuku

Sessions must be pre-paid and are non refundable if cancelled on the day of the session or for no shows

Tots in Tow

Classes run for coffee groups only POA

45 min yoga class in a child friendly environment. Enjoy yoga while your baby, toddler or pre-schoolers and beyond, chills, plays or joins in. Please bring along an exercise mat. Modified and alternative postures included for our pregnant and post-natal ladies. Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards and please allow 8 weeks recovery time before returning to class once bubs has arrived. Dad, grandparents etc all welcome. Please see Yoga Lane Studios for courses and pricing.

Kids Yoga

Pre-school Sessions (ideal age 3, 1/2 yrs to 7yrs)

Book a session for a private group or pre-school class. Learn, laugh and love yoga. Postures, flows, breathing exercises and relaxation. Introducing yoga through games, songs, stories and themes. Yoga can assist kids with development of :

  • Posture
  • Co-ordination
  • Fine and gross motor control
  • Balance
  • Breath awareness and efficiency
  • Managing emotions
  • Stillness
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation
  • Following instructions
  • Imagination
  • Communications
  • Strength
  • Co-operation
  • POA 

Pre-School Yoga Workshops

Relaxabub can provide a 2, 1/2 hr workshop suitable for educator and/or parents. Providing a tool box of yoga techniques to weave into the day. No previous yoga experience needed.

  • Learn a selection of classic yoga postures
  • Understand the benefits of each posture
  • Learn a range of breathing technique for kids
  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques for kids
  • Bring the yoga to life, with imagination, stories and play
  • How to use yoga to manage your own aches and pains

Fee: from $300 (depending on numbers, location and travel)

Workplace Yoga 

Invest in the wellbeing of your team and introduce a yoga class to your workplace. Relaxabub can provide a lunch time class combining, yoga postures, flows, breathing exercises and relaxation. The yoga instructor will design classes with a focus on the prevention of injury and discomfort, utilising a wealth of knowledge gained, as an Occupational Therapist and Occupational Safety and Health Consultant.

Yoga can provide many benefits to the workplace:

  • Team building
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased concentration
  • Injury and discomfort prevention
  • Relief of everyday aches and pains
  • Building physical strength and flexibility

Fee: 10 classes for $1000

One off class = $140

Please enquire for special events, such as conferences.